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Traditional thatched Zulu rondavels (round houses) situated on the edge of a vast nature reserve will connect you to the local traditional ways of life and the beautiful nature of KwaZulu-Natal. Celebrating all that the rich Zulu heritage offers us, you may experience outdoor dining around an open fire, to the sounds of drumbeat and singing, and the sight of dancing Zulu maidens under spectacular starry night skies. Knowledgeable guides provide insight into local culture and a tour to a traditional Zulu homestead may be arranged with a family from the neighbouring village.

The lodge is perfectly positioned within the famous Anglo-Zulu battlefields, close to Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana. Day trips to visit these remarkable sites will leave you marvelling at the tales of courage and cowardice of these particularly fascinating and complex battles.

From the lodge you may enjoy a dawn game viewing drive with coffee and rusks served at the edge of a beautiful gorge. Since there are no dangerous animals on the reserve, it is possible to get out of the vehicle and walk towards peaceful giraffe, gnu and zebra. There are plentiful textures and colours to photograph, including local aloes, acacia thorn trees and fascinating rock formations. Mountain bike riding is another lovely way to feel connected to this pristine natural part of the world with its diverse fauna and flora, and again the safety of the reserve makes this rare privilege possible. The birdwatching is particularly rich, with a wide range of bushveld species at the lodge and in the valley of the reserve.

Return from your morning activities for a hearty cooked breakfast then take your favourite drink from the honesty bar out to the pool while you watch giraffe move silently in the valley below. You may ask for a picnic lunch to enjoy on a battlefields tour.

The traditional thatched rooms at the lodge are cool and spacious, including an en-suite bathroom with bath and shower. Each room has a private wooden deck which opens out onto the valley views. The honeymoon suite boasts a romantic wide bath.

There is a gentle, open feel about this lodge and natural land, and you will find yourself mindfully sinking into the most peaceful and contented version of yourself. Being in a completely safe private nature reserve, appreciate taking deep breaths while standing outside at night under open African skies, listening to the sound of an owl or a Nightjar as it calls to you to be present and grateful for this protected corner of Africa.


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1. Authentic Zulu Cultural Experience
In keeping with the Isibindi ethos, Isibindi Zulu Lodge was built as a celebration of the rich Zulu culture of the area to enable guests to visit an area where Zulu traditions are still practised as they have been for centuries. The architecture of the bedrooms is based on the traditional Zulu beehive hut, a true work of art. A traditional Zulu homestead or uMusi has been built close to the lodge where guests can spend an evening enjoying Zulu song and dance followed by a traditional meal prepared and served by the Zulu staff of the lodge.

2. Easy access to Battle Sites

Isibindi Zulu Lodge is situated in the heart of the Anglo Zulu Battlefields of KwaZulu Natal. The famous battle field of Isandlwana is an hour’s drive from the lodge and Rorke’s Drift is situated 9kms from the lodge. Fascinating day trips are offered to these sites where expert guides will recall the events of these fateful battles bringing the emotions of the times to life through intriguing narrative.

3. Intimate and homely

Isibindi Zulu Lodge is a home away from home. It accommodates a maximum of 12 people and the charming main lodge area with a huge log fire burning on most days is an inviting area in which to relax and enjoy some of the interesting books found in the upstairs reading room. There is a small honesty bar where guests can quench their thirst or help themselves to tea and coffee throughout the day. The staff love the lodge as their own and like to make guests feel as welcome as family.

4. Joint Community Venture

In keeping with Isibindi’s fierce commitment to uplifting the impoverished communities within the surrounds this lodge is a joint venture. The land belongs to members of the local communities and the lodge is leased from them. In addition to this the majority of the staff are from the local community. The lodge plays an active role in fund raising projects for needy people within the area.

5. Reasonable Rates and Bar Prices

Nobody wants to count pennies when on holiday, so we have structured our rates to ensure the best of quality without breaking the bank. We keep our bar and curio prices reasonable and stock a variety of award winning South African wines across the price range.

The Zulu Nation – A Brief History

The Zulu are a proud tribe native to the KwaZuluNatal province of South Africa. Historically the Zulu were a mighty warrior nation and are believed to be descendants of the patriarch Zulu, the son of a Nguni chief in the Congo basin in central Africa. Apartheid textbooks taught that South Africa was virtually empty of human habitation when colonised by the Dutch in 1652. The reality is that the Zulu people began to migrate towards their present location in Natal during the 16th century.

A crucial turning point in Zulu history occurred during the reign of Shaka as king of the Zulu’s from 1816 to 1828. Prior to his rule the Zulu’s consisted of numerous clans that were related but disorganised. Shaka was a mighty and fearsome warrior and united the clans into a single powerful tribe. He introduced a new system of military organisation and revolutionised his army’s weaponry and military tactics. He introduced new battle formations that left his enemies outflanked and confused. He was a strict and brutal disciplinarian, soldiers were required to remain celibate and a violation of this rule was punishable by death. Shaka increased the power of his tribe. Conquered clans and tribes were incorporated into the Zulu nation and in eleven years he increased their number from 1500 people to 50 000 warriors alone.

From the time of Shaka onwards, the Zulu’s fought many wars to keep from being dominated by the British settlers. The final Zulu uprising before succumbing to the British was lead by Chief Bambatha in 1906. From then on the tribe that had once been master of much of the eastern coastal regions and interior of South Africa, was subjected to an increasingly harsh series of racist laws that led to poverty and disempowerment.

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Our Rates

Isibindi Zulu Lodge
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Rates per person per night sharing R 2 100 R 2 770 R 2 270 R 2 990
Single Plus 30% Plus 30% Plus 30% Plus 30%
Children sharing with adults 0-3 years No charge No charge No charge No charge
Children sharing with adults 4-12 years 50% Of Adult Rate 50% Of Adult Rate 50% Of Adult Rate 50% Of Adult Rate
Children sharing with adults 13-18 years 75% Of Adult Rate 75% Of Adult Rate 75% Of Adult Rate 75% Of Adult Rate
Battlefield Tours ** R 1 255 R 1 400 R 1 400 R 1 515
Museum Entrance Fee *** R 80 R 100 R 100 R 110
Zululand Panorama Tour * R 1 255 R 1 400 R 1 400 R 1 515
Hut Fee * R 185 R 200 R 200 R 220
Zulu Homestead Visit ** R 250 R 275 R 275 R 300

Included are accommodation, all meals, teas and coffees and one game drive or walk per day.
Excluded are transfers, drinks, gratuities, Battlefield Tours, Museum Fees, Zululand Panorama Tours, Elandskraal Store Visit, Zulu Homestead Visit and items of a personal nature.
Children of all ages welcome on game drives provided they are accompanied by a parent/guardian and do not infringe upon the enjoyment or safety of other guests.
Baby Sitters are available. 24 hours notice required.
* Minimum 2 people – children under 12 years half price. Does not include hut fee.
** Minimum 2 people – children under 12 years half price.
*** Children under 12 years half price.
**** Minimum 2 people – Pre-booking essential.